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About us

Association of dental dealers in Bulgaria ( ADDB ) is registered as society on 23 April 1999 and re-registered according The Bulgarian Laws  on 14 January 2008.

The members of ADDB are Bulgarian traders, registered according The Trade Low, who are engaged in trade of dental products. They shared the aims of Association and they are ready to make efforts to achieve them.

Our members work in sphere of trade with dental products minimum for one year. They have authorization for trade with Medical devices and / or with Medicinal Products. They provide service of equipment and instruments, which they import.

Since 5 June 2008 Association of dental dealers in Bulgaria ( ADDB ) is member of Association of dental dealers in Europe ( ADDE ).

ADDB unites 25 companies, which main aim is achievement of excellent partnership with European similar organizations, ambition to introduce all European standards, related with dental branch. Members of ADDB take part in all enterprises of dental community in Bulgaria for more than 15 years. They declare and prove their engagement and responsibility toward all their clients – dentists and dental technicians. Dental traders make permanent efforts to ensure information about all novelty in technologies from more than 400 manufacturers, which they present in Bulgaria. Our members promote presentation of clinical experience of many Bulgarian and foreign lecturers, their partners.